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Do you want to get involved in the Alliance? You can explore what is happening through this page, but the Alliance is really all about supporting the work of Allies and helping Allies collaborate effectively to change how power works in their workplaces and communities around the world. To get involved, become an Ally by signing the Manifesto!


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News of the Alliance 2016.10.30

The last few months have brought us regular continuing professional development for facilitators and a few more allies (Welcome!), but mostly they have been a fallow time for the HPA. We adopted our new name and purpose a year ago, and over the Winter, Spring, and Summer we created our Manifesto together, created a web […]

News of the Alliance 8.8.2016

Over the past two months, we have been struggling with website technology. All those problems have been solved, and we are now ready to throw open the gates and invite people to participate. This past week we had a very rich conversation about Brexit, and applying Sociocracy and other tools for Healthy Power to large […]

Alliance Update 24.6.2016

We asked you what you wanted and you told us. Through the Winter and into the Spring we asked Healthy Power Allies and people we thought would become Allies these questions: What do you want to give? To receive? To co-create? What do you need from us to make that possible? If we can do […]

Alliance Update 23.05.2016

We have passed through a long six months since deciding to change our name to the Healthy Power Alliance. Since adopting our new identity, we have created a Healthy Power Manifesto with input from dozens of people; we have laid out our strategy for serving the movement toward a world where every person enjoys the […]


Research, advocacy, product launches…

Sociocracy Courses from The Sociocracy Consulting Group

The Sociocracy Consulting Group will be starting two online courses at the beginning of October: Foundations of Sociocracy and Facilitating Sociocracy. Go to and click on “Events” for the course descriptions and registration. The Foundations course or equivalent is a prerequisite to the Facilitation course. These classes meet for six sessions, each session 2 […]

Sociocracy Leadership Training (SoLT)

Sociocracy For All launched its latest project yesterday, Sociocracy Leadership Training (SoLT) See the 2 min video explanation, and more info on the  SoLT webpage in the website. It is a 12-week sociocracy immersion learning program, done remotely and  by doing sociocracy in a pop-up organization that we are setting up for people. Anyone anywhere in […]

Dissolving the Barriers to Healthy Power: The First HPA Conference