Measuring the benefits of Sociocracy

To spread sociocracy in the business world will require expressing its benefits in the language that decision-makers use: return on investment. How are the standards for measurement in the business world different than the standards in academia? How do the benefits of sociocracy manifest in ways that can be measured? What exactly should we measure in order to convince managers of its benefits? What methods of measurement are best? We will apply the principles in How to Measure Anything by Douglas Hubbard to try to answer these questions.

Healthy Power Conference in Leeds, UK

A Healthy Power Conference will take place in Leeds, UK, Fall 2016. Martin Griffin is a lead organizer. Want to learn more about it?

Assessing power dynamics in our workplaces and personal lives.

We did a session with Nate where we experimented with a tool to assess power relationships, and people wanted to explore this more. Can we co-create an assessment tool for power?

Marketing sociocratic governance – what works?

Bring your experiences to explore the question, “it seems unfeasible with many companies and organizations to just jump in to a whole system change. Where to start? What are small steps they can take vs. fully buying-in?”

Is double-linking always the best choice for ensuring feed-back

Related to small or volunteer organizations: the lack of capacity to have double links. Requires too many meetings. Is it still necessary in an age of more sophisticated communications, where the feedback mechanism may be served in other ways?

Profit Sharing Models for Sociocratic Organizations

Forrist Lytehaause is working with a new entity of a worker cooperative in CA that provides a unique model for fundraising (community investors) and profit distribution. (Related to the bigger question of what are some profit sharing models for sociocratic organizations?)

Using the Four Powers of Integrity for Leadership and Transformation

The Four Powers are the essential meta-skills which all successful leaders and facilitators already use for maneuvering through the terrain of learning, relating, and leading. I will take you on a quick tour through experiential practice in applying the Four Powers, and introduce you to a map of Learning Space which will enable you to bring together countless learning and facilitation techniques in a single framework