An open source guide to Sociocracy

Sociocracy is a framework for governing.

Governing means steering yourself, projects, families, businesses, organizations, or networks toward a purpose. Sociocracy is emerging as an alternative way to run organizations and to build networks.  Its open framework complements other game-shifting methods for working together and invites new hybrid forms of organization¹.

With Sociocracy at the core, a culture opens to continuous learning. Groups share common aims, and members participate in their own governance.  Leadership emerges at every level. Decision-making taps the value of everyone’s unique contribution. Transparency leads to high performance and efficiency.

This Sociocracy User’s Guide offers a definition of the Sociocracy governance system.

The definition consists of principles and processes that have proven helpful for businesses, nonprofits, alliances and networks, neighborhoods, and religious institutions.
Organizations using Sociocracy may wish to cite this guide in their bylaws, charters, or constitutions. It is written and provided by Circle Forward, LLC

The Sociocracy Users Guide is copyright protected for now, as we explore an appropriate license under the Creative Commons.  Circle Forward, LLC allows you to use and distribute this work for non-commercial purposes, provided you use or distribute this source document in its entirety, including Sections 8 and 9.

Healthy Power Allies are invited to comment on this Guide for the purposes of improving the document and the framework for all users.  For access to the commenting online version for comment contact

Click here for the Sociocracy User’s Guide

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