Alliance Update 24.6.2016

We asked you what you wanted and you told us.

Through the Winter and into the Spring we asked Healthy Power Allies and people we thought would become Allies these questions: What do you want to give? To receive? To co-create? What do you need from us to make that possible? If we can do those things, would it be worth your time, energy, or money, to make the Alliance a success? Your enthusiastic endorsement let us know that we could pass out of the first phase of the customer development cycle.


Now Healthy Power Alliance is in the second phase of the “customer development cycle”: validation. In the second phase we need to get the basic set of offerings in place and validate our model. If you, our Allies, are truly satisfied with the website, the peer learning sessions, the connect events, and the emerging set of research projects, then you will be volunteering, donating, and even purchasing enough to allow us to grow. That will validate our model.

So, over the past month we have remade the website, set up a few new services, set up our newsletter and automated welcome emails, launched our Slack chat space (you should get an invite soon if you have not already), put new resources in the Resource Library, and generally worked on improving our core offerings. Yet, we still have lots of work to do.

The HPA is still very small, and I have deliberately asked you not to push the word out too much quite yet. We are still figuring out exactly how to serve you, how best to provide support to enable you to effectively serve one another. We will know it is working when the HPA revenue starts growing, when Allies volunteer easily, and when we hear from those of you who are contributing time and/or money that your contribution is returned several-fold in the value of your participation in the HPA.

More resources. More services.  Coming quickly.

For the next month, please keep checking the website. We will be adding more resources, more services. You will be getting emails telling you about new things on offer. If our grant application goes through, we will be having a conference in the Autumn, and we will certainly tell you as soon as the date is scheduled.

Most of all, keep doing your work, and let us know how we can help — how any of your Allies can help. Your work is the work of the Alliance; you are leading the global transformation which we all need to see.
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