Do you have special expertise or interesting experiences to share with your Allies?

The Peer Learning Circle needs contributors who want to support the continuing professional development of their peers.

Being a Peer Learning Circle (PLC) presenter means that you will list the subjects which you would like to offer, and if other Allies respond enthusiastically, you can schedule a session and present. The sessions are conducted on-line and last for 90 minutes. You can provide a mix of teaching, sharing your experience, and discussion. The Peer Learning Circle will provide a facilitator and an admin person to help if you need the help.

The Learning circle exists to help Allies (that’s you, and people like you) develop professionally, and share their expertise with one another. One key way we do this is by delivering Peer Learning sessions online. Allies who volunteer as Peer Learning Circle (PLC) presenters are key to our ability to deliver this.

PLC presenters who spend about two days over the course of a year in presenting, preparation, and follow-up (which might be equivalent to presenting seven sessions during the year) can fulfill the volunteering requirement to be considered an Engaged Ally, and will receive all the discounts and other benefits available only to Engaged Allies. Playing this role in combination with another voluntary role can also lead to meeting the volunteering requirement for being an Engaged Ally.

If you would like to serve as a PLC presenter, please contact our Learning circle lead.