Alliance Update 23.05.2016

We have passed through a long six months since deciding to change our name to the Healthy Power Alliance.

Since adopting our new identity, we have created a Healthy Power Manifesto with input from dozens of people; we have laid out our strategy for serving the movement toward a world where every person enjoys the benefits of healthy power; we have clarified the set of services we will initially offer to Allies.

Of course we are applying Sociocracy, Lean Startup, and various other frameworks to our development. Still, this just means we have better than average odds of success. Nothing is guaranteed, and we need to do the work (both internal and external) to bring this Alliance to the place where we are growing without unduly taxing the resources of our Allies (voluntary or otherwise).

At the moment, we are in the phase of “customer development” known as Customer Validation. In essence, we validate our model by selling some things. Because the core creative dynamic of our Alliance lies in cultivating mutually supportive relationships between Allies, this means we are testing three things:

  1. Will Allies use our services and tell other people about them (and about the Alliance)?
  2. Will Allies purchase the services which we offer for a fee?
  3. Will Allies become “Engaged”, contributing time and money to make the Alliance fly, in exchange for access to special programs and discounts on everything?

If that starts to happen, then we can celebrate and move on to the next challenge: growing the number of Allies.

If we have not yet quite landed the right design for our offering to Allies, then we will need to keep revising things until we get people buying in with the same enthusiasm you showed in our initial conversations!

You can contribute in three ways:

  1. Use our services. Or try to use them — even if it is difficult to do so, it will get better and you can tell us what to improve.
  2. Tell us what’s not working, and what you want instead. Is there anything which prevents you from using our services? What would it take for you to be raving about the Alliance to your colleagues and clients — at least the ones committed to changing the world for the better?
  3. Volunteer for one of the Open Roles listed on our site. You will become one of the “we” that is making the Alliance a reality!

Thank you for your time and your interest and all your contributions.


Nate Whitestone

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