Commit to Serving the Shift to Healthy Power

Find a place where you can stand comfortably.

Stand comfortably.

Take a few breaths.

Say these words of commitment aloud. After each statement, breathe a few breaths and check for yourself — what happens?

I commit to creating a world where everyone enjoys healthy power, starting with me, with my work and my community.

I commit to expanding my power and to helping my colleagues, my community, and all people to live powerfully, in a way that benefits us all.

I commit to learning whatever I need to learn to bring healthy power to my life and to the world.

I commit to clearing up anything that stands in the way of healthy power in my life or my world.

Whatever came up for you, notice.

Is there anything you have not yet learned that you want to note or integrate?

Is there any change in your practice — of work, of relationship, of being — you intend to make?

Is there any strength in your practice of Healthy Power which you feel inspired to appreciate — even to share?

Are there any resources or support you will seek?

Decide when.